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On a previous visit to Greece, my 35mm SLR camera had a catastrophic failure on the first day, the camera itself did have minor functionality, and with my best guess on aperture and shutter speed settings, I ended up with better results than expected, with nearly 200 slides of my visit.

The third Weekend in April 2013, I travelled back to Athens, Greece. The main purpose of my trip was to re-visit some of the archaeological sites I’d seen before, and to take digital and 35mm slide images of those sites. I thought whilst here, I’d try the panoramic option on my camera.

Highlights of my other trips can be seen within my Trips.

Ancient Greece Tour of 1985

Camera’s & Photography

Cameras that I currently have and use:

Digital - Nikon D750, Sony α7 II, α6000 and Canon M6

Film (35mm) - Canon F1n and Canon A1

Video - Sony AX33, X1000V,  GoPro Hero 7, 8 and GoPro Max

 Drone - DJI Mavic Mini

In 2005 I took my ‘City & Guilds’ in Black & White Photography, using a Nikon F80 (35mm) and Mamiya 645 (Medium format).

My main PC, I receive satellite images from the NOAA Satellites, this image is one I’ve received.

I re-created my web site in May 2013 (modified 2020)

from my initial site which was created in 2003