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My Family Tree

Initially I started on my side of the family, the Hewitt’s. I’ve now researched all my Grandparents family trees, going back over the last 200 years.

On the Hewitt’s side of the family tree I initially had information up to Sampson. To fill in the gaps on other family members, I visited The Family Records Centre, Finsbury, London and the Norfolk Record Office in Norwich. After Henry the trail goes cold!

The other Grandparents family trees, I’ve used online ancestry databases. I’ve extracted all the census details up to 1911, with their details I now have an understanding of where my family has travelled from and what they did as jobs.

Anyone interesting or famous

William ‘Turkey ‘ Smart (1830 - 1919) - Champion speed skater

George Hewitt (1904 - Great Uncle) - Creator of ‘Thalictrum Delavayi Hewitt’s Double’

Judy Garland (Frances Ethel Gumm 1922 - 1969) - Actress & Singer

1938 - Richard

1910 - Alexander James

1877 - George Daniel

1839 - Sampson

1816 - Thomas

1781 - Henry